Our Staff


Nick Loizou

Nick, a chartered accountant, perfectionist, and born problem solver, brings thirty years of extensive knowledge in management, finance, solutioning, and business to Minuteman Press. An overachiever with a commitment to excellence, Nick is known to consistently meet his goals and is a firm believer in that a task should be completed meticulously, or not at all.

Nick enjoys the company of others and, throughout his personal life and career, has been valued by his peers and colleagues alike. Outside of the working environment, Nick is an avid gearhead and is on top of the latest automotive news and trends.

On February 1st 2018, he purchased Minuteman Press of Caldwell. Together with the skills of his wife Dea, they believe they make the perfect combination to provide their clients with a unique and superior experience in customer service, marketing, promoting, and everything in-between, to meet their needs and make their businesses flourish.

Dea Loizou

As a qualified textile designer who has prior experience in working with promotional apparel, Dea brings her creative flair to the business.  She has a passion for visual arts, music, and dance, and explores each of these fields with creativity and spontaneity.  

Dea is a “people person” who loves meeting new people and is a loyal friend.  She is also a fierce advocate for autism and a spokesperson for autism awareness.

Her creative skills, ability to network, together with Nick’s logic and expertise in his field, create a great combination for service, efficiency, and success.